4 Ways to Reinvent Yourself with Remote Work or Business to Have Income Forever

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Going Remote Is The New Path To Retirement

The world has changed radically in just a few short months. It was only last year that we had the strongest job market in decades, and I was teaching people how to find remote work and travel. Now I have turned my attention to helping people navigate these uncertain times.

The new normal is going remote. You know that because you were either laid off, had hours cut back, shut a business, or were impacted in other ways. The reality is that knowing how to work remotely or run your own remote business is no longer optional. Someday is today, and if you don't learn how to work remotely, your future work opportunities may be limited and so will your travel dreams.

I believe that going remote is the new path to retirement. And finding remote work or turning your skills into a service or product online is the BEST way to ensure a more secure future. Whether you dream of a future of flexibility, travel, or simply more security, you must start TODAY so that you're ready for the remote future.

This Masterclass is a MUST Attend if you...

  • Want to create opportunities that set you up for the future.

  • Know that the traditional workplace is no longer your place.

  • Want to travel more or have more freedom, flexibility, or future security.

Hi! I'm Coach Camille

My grandparents taught me to, "go to school, get a job, and buy a house," which is exactly what I did until I walked away from a twenty-plus year career in corporate America to travel and reinvent myself.

Since 2016, I have traveled around the country while working from my RV. I've covered over 38,000 miles and visited 41 states—all while learning how to find remote jobs, create a remote business and reinvent myself professionally.  

I combine my long experience in corporate training with my Master’s Degree in Virtual Psychology to offer Remote Work School, a successful online program where I teach people like you, seeking out a new lifestyle, how to 'go remote' so you can live life on your terms.  

Remote Work and Business Coach

What People Are Saying:

"What scared me the most about remote work was the complete change from what I’ve done for my 35 year working life. I was overwhelmed with the options and where to start. Camille’s exercises helped me drill down on my expertise and determine the tasks that are enjoyable." - Kelly S.  

"With Camille’s help, I came out with a brand new resume that clearly translated my skills into a remote context that I am no longer ashamed to publish. That resume helped me find the clarity I needed to build my editing and ghostwriting business." - Terry S.

"Camille’s course provided specific steps to give me the confidence to start my first remote job. I was insecure because it was so new to me, but Camille provided wonderful support and helped me say “Yes” to this opportunity. I am excited to build upon my remote career and travel lifestyle!" - Deborah W. 

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