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How to Find Remote Work in 90 Days 

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Tuesday, June 11th @ 8pm Eastern

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Only 250 Spots Available

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This Free Webinar Will Teach You:

A simple four-step framework to help you start your Remote Work search NOW.

Why you have more skills than you think... and how to use them online.

Get the clarity and confidence you need to find the right jobs in the right places.

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About Your Host

Camille's grandparents taught her to, "Go to school, get a job, and buy a house," which is exactly what she did until she walked away from a twenty-plus year career in corporate America.  

Since 2016, she and her husband, Bryce, have been traveling around the country while working from their RV. They’ve traveled over 30,000 miles, and visited 32 states—all while learning how to find remote jobs, create income streams, and re-invent themselves professionally.  

Camille combines her long experience in corporate training with her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology to offer Remote Work School, a successful online program where she teaches others how to work remotely so they can live life on their terms.  


Camille Attell Remote Work Coach and Specialist

What Other People Are Saying:

"The remote work training was EXACTLY what I needed when I first began looking for remote work! Camille provides practical advice that is easy to follow and gives step by step instructions on how to best showcase your skills. She is very encouraging and motivating and the Facebook group has been wonderful in having a like-minded community. I think anyone who wants to begin a remote work career could benefit from this training!" - Kristen 

"What scared me the most about remote work was the complete change from what I’ve done for my 35 year working life. I was overwhelmed with the options and where to start. Camille’s exercises helped me drill down on my expertise and determine the tasks that are enjoyable." - Kelly  

"With Camille’s help, I came out with a brand new resume that clearly translated my skills into a remote context that I am no longer ashamed to publish. That resume helped me find the clarity I needed to build my editing and ghostwriting business." - Terry 

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